LOTTO is gambling with a long tradition. The first recorded lotteries to offer tickets for sale with prizes in the form of money were held in the 15th century. Todays LOTTO-gamble requires the prediction of numbers out of a great range of numbers.

LOTTO 6 out of ...

There are numerous commonly known lotteries, i.e.: 6 out of 45 (Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands), 6 out of 48 (Denmark), 6 out of 49 (Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland), 6 out of 90 (Italy).

In these countries 6 numbers are drawn out of 45, 48, 49 or 90. Our system books

  • LOTTO für Millionen, volume 1-4,
  • LOTTO 2000,
  • LOTTO ist Gewinn

suit these lotteries and all of them, where 6 numbers are drawn.

LOTTO 5 out of ...

For several years an additional transnational lottery has been available: EuroMillions.
A new one starts in March 2012: EuroJackpot.
In these lotteries 5 numbers are drawn out of a range of 50 numbers. In addition, 2 stars (EuroMillions) or EuroNumbers (EuroJackpot) are drawn. Our system book

  • EURO für Millionen

suits these lotteries and all of them, where 5 numbers are drawn.

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